Hi, I'm Karthik doing software business and Nature Photographer since 2010. I'm a serious reader of Smart Photography & Better Photography from the past 2 years. Recently when I was a trip, I had a chance to get Asian Photography book. Seriously I have no confidence to buy the book. But after some time i spent with the magazine, i realized it was a best ever magazine i ever read. It has a most needed technical basics of Photography and its all even necessary to me like pro photographers. I really appreciate the efforts of Asian Photography and I definitely continue with the magazine. Thank you guys!
- Karthik, Tiruchirappalli

Dear Karthik,

Its good to know that you are taking photography as a very serious hobby since 2010 and that you only read our magazine recently despite being a photographer since 2010. But as the saying goes, 'better late than never'. I am aware that you didn't seem to have the confidence before you bought the magazine, but i am certain that over time you have started enjoying reading the same. It is our continuous effort to constantly challenge our content and do something new and different. Infact we are in more ways trying to feature the best and latest out theres that readers can benefit out of those things. 

We at team AP are happy to learn that you found it the best magazine to read and we hope you continue to rise upto that mantle moving forward. I will also convey your message to the team and look forward your thoughts from time to time.


Asian Photography is one of the finest and best magazine available in the market today. I would like to be a part of it and also contribute my photographs to the magazine incase they deserve to be there, without any gift or payment in return.

In short i appreciate all the efforts put in by the Editor and the team members for developing a true sense of photography among people. 

Thanks a lot for creating awareness regarding the awesome art of photography.

Yours Faithfully, 


Dear Dr. Mirza,


It honestly brings a smile to my team’s face and me when I see letters like yours. I might have mentioned this before but the fact that our readers really recognise and appreciate the hard work that all of us put together in making this magazine makes everything worthwhile.


Infact you belong to a place which offers one of the most scenic landscapes in the country. We would love to see the pictures that you have to share and feel free to send them over anytime.  

Dear Asian Photography :
recently I've gone through your photo magazine and I really liked it. All of the photographs are really awesome. But, I do have a query. Are all the photographs shot by Asian photography professional photographers ? or just taken from submissions of any photographer in the world ? I am also a young photo-enthusiast.would you please tell me that, is there any way to have a place in your esteemed magazine with my clickz ? Please reply.

- Debarpan Dhar, Asansol

Dear Mr. Dhar,

I think your letter has also been featured in the magazine and as mentioned there all the images that are featured in the magazine are shot my AP and its photographers. Unlike other magazines we do not borrow images or source them.

But we have now started giving the opportunity to readers as well to feature their images in the sections.

When Iwas travelling towards Pune & around I happened to see the magaine " Asian Photography". I liked the magazine very much and it is really a very good experience to see the photographs and the reading material.

Please send me relevant information in this respect.

Vishwanath Dangare.

- Vishwanath Dangare, Nashik

Dear Vishwanath,

I am not sure what is the information that you are looking for? But if you are looking to share your images to the magazine then you can send the same to asianphotographyfiles@gmail.com

Dear Sir,
Please display email addresses of various sections of magazine.It will be convenient for us to send mail as per requirement.photos,letters to editor etc.
Thanking you.
- Rajendra Malviya, Bhopal
- Rajendra Malviya, Bhopal

Dear Mr. Malviya,

Thanks a lot for your mail and I agree with you. But as you might have seen that we already have designated email address that have been mentioned under each section. But we will still take a look at them again and provide any missing ones that might not be there.

Dear Sir,
I'm very much keen of photography. I started my photography as hobby as most of the photographers do. Then I realize that this is the only one thing I can do out of my failure life. I used to be a good student but some misfortune massacred all the rhythm of my life and put a full stop in my life. Photographs and photography have taken me back to breath. And I want to live holding this for rest of my life. I just request you to please suggest me something that I can live photography as my life, my career everything. I don't whether this letter can get to your attention or not. If can, please suggest me something. Photography all that I can do and can do many many thing(not everything because right not my resource is very limited) for it.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully
Aniruddha Pandey.
- Aniruddha Pandey, Kolkata

Dear Mr. Pandey,

Thanks for your mail. I am happy that you have taken up photography, but before I tell you anything about that, I would like you to get rid of all the negativity in your head. It is important that you start a fresh and with a clean slate if you want to achieve your objective in any field that you choose. 

Now I am not sure what suggestions are you looking from me since you haven’t been specific about the same in this mail. So if you could reply again and be more specific then I will be more than glad to help you.

Sir its a wonderful experience being associated with your magazine rather our magazine.

Hi Please consider our invitation to
Fotography Utsav-2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 2:00pm until Sunday, March 4, 2012 at
8:00pm.. Gaganendra Pradarsasala

The Frame, an association, set up for Photographic Research And
Modern Editing and to enkindle the interest of photographers in
classic photography and propagate the idea of Photography as A Media
of Art, have decided with heartiest joy and euphoric pleasure to hold
Annual Exhibition of Photography- "Fotography Utsav-2012” at
Gaganendra Pradarsasala from the 1st March 2012 to the 4th March 2012.


We need your blessings and good Wishes!!!!

Thanks & Regards,

- Chiranjib Nandy, Kolkata

Dear Mr Nandy,

Thanks a lot for your letter and your invitation. Unfortunately this event is in Kolkatta and I am based out of Mumbai which means that I can’t make it for the same. But I would like to thank you for the invite and I wish all of you great success. 

Since we were not able to make it for the exhibition I suggest that you send us some small info about the same so that we can carry it in our next issue. May be something like a news item which highlights how the event was? So we can try and help you in that respect.

Hi,as i read in the February issue of the magazine...you have internships open all the year through.I picked up a copy of your magazine very recently and found it very interesting and different from the other photography magazines available in the market. So,I am interested in doing an internship in your magazine and I would like to know the procedure as how to proceed about it.
- Ayindrila Dey, kolkata

Dear Mr. Dey,


Thanks a lot for your letters and we are happy that you find our magazine interesting. Well we do periodically open our doors for the interns. However there is not set time for the same. What I would suggest is that you call our office and speak to someone from the editorial team and forward your CV. Once we have had a look at the same then we can figure out if there is a possibility for an intern at this point of time or no.


Hope this answers your query satisfactorily. 

Dear Editor,

I am Janki Mehta, studying in S.Y.B.M.M course in U.P.G (Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management). It's has been amazing time for me to read your magazine every month. Your May, October and August 2012 cover page made me buy the magazine and it is not only the cover pages, but also the content of your magazine that guides us (especially someone like me who didn't even know the abc of photography). For instance Sir Arko Datta's photographs are really indescribable.

Your magazine teaches us from small things such as how to maintain our equipment too how can you improve your skills! The comparison you make taking the same photographs with different camera's helps us a lot in understanding different camera's . Your Black 'n' White special that had this particular picture of a (malnourished or deformed boy) special child brought me to tears!

I started photography because of Asian photography magazine. So after one year of learning I would like to contribute to the magazine some of my clicks, not only contribute but also have feedback's on my photographs.

- Janki Mehta, Mumbai

Dear Janki,

It is good to know that we have inspired you to take up photography after reading the magazine. Infact that is the sole purpose of our existence is to encourage young minds like you to take up photography.

We would love to see your images and would be happy to provide any feedback that we can. You can share your images on the id editorial@asianphotographyindia.com along with a short letter and we will have a look at the same.

I also hope that you have not only been reading the magazine but also been practically implementing these techniques mentioned in the issue.

Dear Editor,

I am a big fan of your magazine and I have been reading the same since few years. I have also been shooting regularly all this while and I wanted to join Asian Photography’s editorial team. Can you kindly let me know how can I do this because I am very interested in this?

Looking forward to your response. Thank You.
- sanchari mitra, Mumbai

Dear Sanchari,

Thanks a lot for your mail and I am happy that you have been following the magazine for a while now. As for your intentions of joining the editorial team of AP, well this is the manner in which things happen around here.

Usually whenever there is an opening then it is either intimated through the industry sources or else published in the magazine or the newspaper. Currently we aren’t looking for any writer/photographers, but nonetheless you can send in your CV as well as your portfolio to us and incase something opens up then we will keep you in mind.

I would recommend that you mention in the same your interest in terms of joining us as well as your objective with taking up photography. Hope this clears your doubt.




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