Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai opens its doors for dedicated photographic aficionados

For long Jehangir Art gallery has been the IT place to showcase your art. For a longtime it was also hailed as one of the leading galleries to showcase photography work. But somewhere along the way, a new meaning of art sidelined the aesthetic beauty of photography. But all this changed recently when the Jehangir Art gallery reopened its doors to photography.


The Terrace Gallery is now partly owned by Mr. Kakubhai Kothari, having it named in favor of Kakubhai’s family who funded the renovation of the gallery. As part of the inauguration and to celebrate the occasion Kakubhai’s best wildlife images were featured at the venue. He introduced the exhibition with sheer pride to his visitors, giving them small insights to each photograph. 

 “I have been tracking and photographing these wild tigers and lions for fourteen years. I have made sure that I have created a bond with each one of them. Hence making them aware that, I am a person of no threat to them but a person who loves to bond and show the beauty of the wild cats in its habitat”. We punched in a question asking Mr. Kakubhai what would be his advice to young wildlife photographers. He said,”All I have to say is don’t force yourself or the animal to get your shot, be patient and let the animal get used to your presence”.     


The Terrace Gallery is divided into two sections, one section is in broad day light, which is the outdoor gallery offering a vast area space with a splendid city view. Along the sides of the outdoor gallery is the indoor gallery section, which is fully air-conditioned and designed with spot on lighting. The Terrace Gallery is an ideal place for photography and visual art.