HP unveils new Design jet e-printers

HP recently launched the new HP Design jet T920 and T1500 e-Printers. Designed specifically for large-format print scenarios such as architectural firms, the new printers incorporate customer feedback on a whole new level for HP. The company invited core users to help design and provide feedback on what their ideal large-format printer would be, and taking these suggestions into consideration, they designed the T920 and T1500. Claimed to feature a smaller footprint, improved document output, ePrint support, and even augmented reality video tutorials; the new lineup of printers certainly has a lot in store for users who need large-format printout quickly and efficiently.

Suited for small to medium workgroups, the HP Designjet T920 e printer is designed to deliver faster prints with the integrated stacking tray that collate up to 50 sheets of A4 TO A0 size. Equipped with 32GB virtual memory to process complex files, this device operates at speeds up to 21 sec per A1/D print. On the other hand, doubling the processing power over its predecessor,TI500 e-printer is equipped with 64GB virtual memory, two paper rolls and features such as smart switching and automatic alignment. The e-printer also comes with a 320GB hard drive and uses a parallel processor that handles multiple files simultaneously.

Overall as key areas of enhancements, HP has designed these two 36-inch devices with the new output system that improves productivity by reducing time spent searching through and organizing printouts and also eliminates the need for users to bend and exert to collect prints. 

During the launch Mahesh Soni, Country Manger, Design jet, HP GSB India said “more than two decades after the launch of the first design jet printer, HP continues to bring design, architecture and engineering focused large format printing solutions with innovative features, such as the integrated stacking tray and true front – roll loading, that transform the in-house printing process as well as allow users more time for creativity.”