One of a kind viewfinder: Fujifilm X100T at Photokina 2014

While there are a lot of cameras that have been launched at the show, by far one of the most innovative technologies that we have seen at the show is by Fujifilm. Its new X100T which is the newer version of the X100S. But what makes this camera stand out from the other cameras in the segment is its viewfinder.

It is by far the coolest viewfinder that we have seen, and that alone makes this a toy that people will fancy. While everyone knows that Fuji’s technology works on the concept of the hybrid viewfinder, which is not always as accurate as the traditional method. So in the newly launched X100T, the company offers a more traditional rangefinder which overlays a zoomed-in display of the focus area in the viewfinder. If that didn’t make sense then take a look at the picture that we have shown here, which shows you the display when you stick your eye in the X100T’s viewfinder. 

The idea is to give you a better information about the exact area that the camera is focusing on. And if you find that too much, then there is always an option of switching over to the regular display.

We used the camera and found it to be working well. If technology like this picks up, then it is only time that versions of these will be adopted by manufacturers soon into the cameras. Other notable features include a 16-megapixel APS-C X-Trans II sensor, minor changes to the body and look, the exposure compensation dial goes up to +3 and -3, inbuilt wifi for the first time, and an upgraded screen size of 3-inch. The camera is expected to the hit the stores in November for about $1300.

Also showcased was the new version of its X-T1 flagship mirrorless camera. Though similar to the regular model, the Graphite Silver edition offers a metallic finish and a retro looks, with some additional features. The camera has an electronic shutter (maximum speed 1/32000), a ‘natural live view’ mode, and the Classic Chrome film simulation.

Fujifilm informed that the Graphite Silver X-T1 will be out in November for $1499.95 (body only).