Artistique: Photography and the ‘Artform’

As we have reiterated time and again that at Asian Photography ‘innovation’ is the key to everything that the magazine does. And one such innovation that we are proud of in recent years is Artistique. An initiative that was started to celebrate the ‘World Photography Day’ and promote ‘Photography as an Artform’ has quickly turned into a platform that allows new and upcoming talent to showcase their work to the industry, apart from push the messages mentioned earlier. We are particularly proud of this since it has not only given us the opportunity to innovate but also give back to the industry that has given us so much. 
What is Artistique about?
Artistique is divided into 2 segments, the Exhibit and the Contest. The exhibit involves bringing together a number of photographers from the fraternity under one roof to exhibit their pictures under a common theme. While the contest gives the opportunity to the amateurs, hobbyists, enthusiasts among other the chance to show their talent to the great and have their pictures exhibited at the same platform as these greats. 

Furthermore it is a complete non-profit and non-commercial activity where some of the industry partners come together and lend their services as part of their contribution to the industry and overall objective. The objective is very simple. It’s simple, celebrate the World Photography Day and promote the culture of picture-taking by bringing together a number of photographers under one platform and exhibit their images.

It is a combination of images brought together by photographers from various genres promoting a single message for the industry. But while in its inception the message was to achieve all of these objectives, over the past two editions, it has quickly encapsulated a lot more than this. 
Who are the photographers that have exhibited?

At AP we do everything in style and when we put our minds and hearts to something then we don’t resist from pulling all the stops. So in order to make the initiative a success and take it to new levels we have had some of the best photographers exhibit their work in the past few editions. Some of these include:

Ali Rangoonwala
Jatin Kampani
Arko Datta
Martin Prihoda
Sudhir Shivaram, to name a few

Apart from this we have also given the opportunity to new and upcoming talents to exhibit their work at the same platform as these greats.

The Jury

Each year a new jury presides over the selection of the winners and the pictures of the exhibit. And some of the jury members from the past include:

Jatin Kampani
Vikram Bawa
Arko Datta
Girish Mistry
Adeel Halim
Mukesh Parpiani
Ali Rangoonwala, 
Bhavya Desai, to name a few

How has Artistique evolved?

While the need to create something new has been in our DNA, we have ensured that the creativity doesn’t stop there. Since its inception, Artistique has continuously evolved year after year to encompass a bigger value and objective in mind. From the toddling steps in 2013 to encompassing a bigger reach in 2014, the platform has grown enormously in just two editions. 


The 1st edition brought together four renowned photographers under one roof to promote the industry in a four-day exhibition held at the prestigious Piramal Art Gallery, Mumbai from 16th-19th August 2013. The exhibition witnessed everyone from budding students of photography and teachers to amateur photographers, enthusiasts and industry veterans from the photo-fraternity gathering to celebrate the art of photography with Artistique.

We brought together a pool of famous Indian photographers like Kakubhai, Jatin Kampani, Ali Rangoonwala and Arko Datta to exhibit their pictures under one roof under the theme of ‘Black and White’. But what was important was that the images showcased by these photographers were never before seen work.

For the 2014 edition the exhibition saw a combination of professionals as well as upcoming talents exhibit their work together. Apart from noted photographers the idea was to provide upcoming and talented photographers a platform to push their talent. In the professional sphere the internationally acclaimed Canadian photographer Martin Prihoda and India’s famous Wildlife Photographer Sudhir Shivaram exhibited their exquisite work.

Due to the popular demand after the inaugural edition, the 2nd edition was a 10-day exhibition, which witnessed a footfall of approximately 1000 people. The exhibition also included a small space that was dedicated to the amateurs and readers of the magazine. These pictures were carefully handpicked by the jury of Vikram Bawa, Arko Datta, Jatin Kampani and Bhavya Desai.
What’s new for the 2015 edition?

We at AP have always ensured that we push the envelope on a continuous basis. So for this year we are envisaging to make ‘Artistique’ a travelling ART exhibit in Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata, apart from Mumbai.

The idea this year is to invite an internationally renowned photographer and an upcoming Indian photographer for this edition. In order to encompass and promote our message we will take the same exhibit to the other cities so that all the enthusiasts, hobbyists and art lovers from across the country get a chance to see the exhibit and its message.

We would also be having interactive sessions with noted photographers in order to impart their knowledge and experience to our audience.

Artistique this year is set to be bigger and better than ever. The team at Asian photography is more excited than ever, as we will be travelling across the four corners of the country. We will have chance to not just promote the art of photography, but also interact with our readers from North, East, West and South of India, who will visit the exhibition. So, get ready, as Artistique is coming to your neighbourhood soon!

Bhavya Desai