Sony finalizes buyout of Toshiba’s sensor business

After a series of negotiations, Sony has announced buying Toshiba’s image sensor division. It will be operated by Sony’s recently announced independent image sensor division. The parties also are planning to make arrangements to offer the employees of Toshiba and its affiliates, employed at the manufacturing facilities to be transferred, as well as those involved in areas such as CMOS image sensor engineering and design (approximately 1,100 employees in total), employment within the Sony Group, upon the completion of the transfer.

Image sensors are important to Sony. This acquisition will enable Sony to increase its production capabilities in the area of CMOS image sensors, where further market growth is anticipated. According to reports, 40% of the new image sensors in the smartphone market were manufactured by Sony. The recent acquisition will definitely be an added advantage to Sony. Toshiba aims to execute legally binding definitive agreements by the end of calendar year 2015. Thereafter, Toshiba and Sony aim to complete the transfer within the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016, subject to any required regulatory approvals.