PureNight filter cuts out light pollution for better night sky photo

Light pollution is something that every nature photographer has faced at one point in his or her life. This is an issue that requires post-processing to correct and usually is a burden for most photographers. This is where PureNight comes into play. PureNight is a glass light pollution reduction filter designed by Lonely Speck. Made of a special didymium glass, PureNight reduces the transmission of light from sodium vapor lamps, one of the most prevalent sources of light pollution on our planet. Resulting images will have truer colors and improved contrast when compared to images influenced by light pollution. This is something that astrophotographers can look forward to, if they want to save time and energy in editing images. PureNight has also,in their website published some sample images that display the amazing capabilities of the simple yet useful filter. 

According to PureNight, “These photos, as with the first samples, were exported directly from RAW with no edits other than a brightness equalisation with a 0.7EV push on the PureNight shots to compensate for the reduced brightness of the light pollution. We expect the final versions of PureNight to show roughly -0.3EV to -1EV of reduction in brightness, depending on the conditions.”

The filter requires a square filter system as the PureNight is made to fit into the popular square filter systems including: Cokin P (85mm), Lee 100mm (4-inch), and Formatt-Hitech. The PureNight filter will be available in two different sizes –  85mm and 100mm filter holders (sold separately).”Each PureNight filter is custom made to our specifications. Grinding, polishing, optical coating, engraving and packaging are all things that we need to be able to order in a large enough quantity to make PureNight reasonably affordable.” Says their crowdfunding website. The filter will be available in two sizes – 85mm for $219 (Early Bird Pricing) and 100mm square filter — $239 (Early Bird Pricing).