Canon may introduce fingerprint ID on DSLRs and Lenses

Fingerprint id has become a part of our daily lives as most smartphones these days provide this feature. What would happen when cameras start providing the same? Canon has apparently developed a fingerprint ID system that can identify the photographer using the camera or lens. Just as we have multiple user accounts in a desktop or laptop, these cameras can identify the user according to the fingerprint and immediately change their settings to pre-saved ones for each.

Canon Rumors recently reported that a new Canon patent published this month in the US (US20180012061 A1) describes an “electronic apparatus having finger authenticating function.”

According to Canon Rumors “This patent covers fingerprint ID on your cameras and lenses that can control custom functions such as IS, AF and likely anything else you can think of. It also offers the ability to customize the camera and/or lens for multiple users as well as offering a complete lockout of the gear.”

The patent and illustrations describe and show a camera and lens that have a fingerprint ID reader built into them. Here are the camera and lens illustrations found in the patent:

While there’s no guarantee that this one will ever appear in a production camera or lens, and can very well remain a rumor but it is quite fascinating to see camera companies trying out new things and taking inspiration from other things.