CEIF 2020 Round-Up

All India Photographic Trade and Industry Association (AIPTIA) organised and conducted its mega event, Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair 2020 shortly known as CEIF-2020, from January 8-10, 2020 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai 400063, with great display and brilliancy. CEIF 2020 was the 28th Photo Imaging Exhibition and was rated to be one of the top Photographic and Imaging exhibitions around the globe. Its opening function took place at 9.30 A.M. on 8th January with formal lamp-lighting. More than 150 exhibitors from India and abroad including major manufacturers, importers and distributors and suppliers of Photo Imaging and related products were present among the gathering.

The opening ceremony was attended by Haruto Iwata – Managing Director, Fujifilm India, Nimesh Thakkar – DI Marketing Department, Sony India Pvt. Ltd, Appa Durai – Country head – Hewlett-Packard, Ashok Pahwa – Business Manager Commercial Business, – India & amp, Srilanka, Hewlett- Packard, Amit Saraf – Managing Director , IMS Mercantile, Nitin Goyal – CEO – Tamron India, Anurag Kumar – Deputy General Manager Memory business, Samsung India Pvt. Ltd, along with the team members of AIPTIA.

Jayesh Mehta, President of AIPTIA welcomed the exhibitors and visitors. He briefly addressed the audience on the role of AIPTIA in bringing out the exhibition of such a great importance. He expressed that CEIF offers visitors an essential platform to let them know about the latest market evolution and exchange ideas about the upcoming business strategies, which makes it a different event for the Imaging Sector. Shri.Chandrakant Shah, Hon. Secretary stated the mixture of exhibitors and informed that all efforts had been put in to ensure the comfort and safety of exhibitors and visitors during the exhibition. The Guests of Honour happily rewarded the efforts of the office team members and members of the managing committee of AIPTIA in supplying the market place for the Industry and Trade through CEIF. Shri. Hemant Bhavsar, Vice President proposed the Vote of Thanks. The inauguration completed with Bell ceremony resonating the air with bright note.

CEIF 2020 was distributed across an area of 15,000 sqm and was open for three days. The fair had over 35000 of foot-falls. The fair draw in sizeable crowds/visitors from different states of the Country, alongside visitors from neighbouring countries also visited the fair. Also, one got an chance to meet face to face with startup entrepreneurs, imaging researchers and technological consultants to get a clean classification of the imaging industry. CEIF 2020 had all the major multinational companies, along with some of the well known Indian distributors, offering their advanced camera and photography products, gadgets, and accessories at the fair. The major companies exhibited were Sony, Fujifilm, Hewlett – Packard, Zeiss, Tamron, Epson, Samsung, Konica Minolta, Kodak Alaris, Manfrotto, IMS Mercantiles, Nikita Distributors, Nikon, Noritsu, Technova, Sunlight Industries, Colo Color, Foto Centre, Red Moments etc., to name a few. Additionally, to the imaging industry products, this time visitors observed numerous new section coming for the first time. In an interview, during the Fair, Shri. Jayesh Mehta, President, AIPTIA disclosed that while the imaging industry is going through functional changes, it has in many ways severely impacted CEIF too, given its top position as the Indian industry’s leading trade fair. Believing the fact that the camera sales are dropping, the affirmative part is the need for the enjoyment with photography and sharing of pictures go on to sky rocket, thanks to the growing digital Imaging Product. The growth is express by the effort of the younger generations’ fascination with mobile imaging and sharing images on social media platforms. The growth in this process in the number of pictures being captured truly means that for the success of the imaging industry, it is built-in for the segregation of mobile, motion and digital imaging as the new cause of growing and moving towards delivering of services. Chandrakant Shah, Hon. Secretary, AIPTIA, stated that the mixture of product display, networking happening at the fair and knowing the imaging innovations surely makes CEIF 2020, a very extraordinary event which amused one and all. CEIF 2020 concluded the Fair for visitors with absolute spirit of having visited an useful and informative exhibition.