Karnataka Man Builds Camera-shaped House, Names children Canon, Nikon and Epson

It is appropriately said that passion is food for the soul. Being passionate keeps everyone energised and helps them become the best version of themselves. So how would you best find a way to express your love towards your passion? Well, Ravi Hongal a photographer from Belgaum, Karnataka built a camera-shaped home and not only that, he has even named his three sons, Canon, Nikon and Epson. If this is not love for passion, then we surely wonder what is!

Ravi Hongal who stays in Belgaum, Karnataka is a photographer by passion. Since childhood, photography was his passion and his love for cameras increased as he grew up. He would carry his ‘Pentax’ camera out to the nearby rural areas to capture images back then. Soon, photography became his passion and after that, he started a business into it.  

By building a camera house, Ravi has made the biggest attraction in Belgaum which is worth over ₹70 lakhs. His whole house is designed as a camera. While the front exterior is made with a lens, flash, reel, a memory card, and a viewfinder, the interiors have ceilings and walls designed as various parts of a camera. The lens of the camera-shaped home is a window. And Ravi named his house as ‘Click’.

Ravi Hongal from Karnataka showed his love for photography through his camera-shaped house. And now his house has become a leading attraction in Belgaum City. During the day time, it stands tall and takes a lot of attention. And during the night time, the yellow and white lights make it unique and beautiful.

Image Source: The News Minute