Riding into the Astral through Photography

“These worlds in space are as countless as all the grains of sand on all of the beaches of the Earth” – Carl Sagan. Only a few things are as beautiful as the sight of a clear star-studded night sky. What is even better is to be able to see celestial bodies which are otherwise impossible to witness with our naked eyes. Thanks to technology, astro photographers over the years have been able to capture detailed images of deep space objects adding to our limited idea of the universe.

Motorcycling as a genre has powerful synergy with Photography. At Royal Enfield, they understand and hence, they curated Astral Ride – a seven day excursion for photography enthusiasts. In the first edition of Astral Ride which happened in October 2019, aspiring photographers from around the country rode across the Himalayas to the Indian Astrological Observatory at Hanle in Ladakh riding their #REHimalayan to learn the meaning of astro photography. With professional guidance provided to amateurs that ride Royal Enfields, this ride has been perfect for expanding the scope of knowledge of photography, especially Astro photography. Like the Himalayan Odyssey, Astral Ride is Royal Enfield’s way of organising a riding experience which was infused with life-changing photography destinations and a classroom full of throttle riders learning how to capture the night sky.

Having said that, Royal Enfield has been endlessly encouraging its community of riders to explore different aspect of motorcycling and curate experiences that last for a lifetime.

Photo Credits – Royal Enfield