Children Fashion Photography Tips

Fashion photography for adults and teenagers are so common these days as the number of photographers and models are rising every time. How many amazing fashion photographs, how many images are used for advertisements surround us at every place. But what if we say that adult fashion photography will soon have a large and powerful rival? Sounds awkward right? but nowadays children fashion photography is becoming more and more in supply. What is the reason for such demand and what does the future hold for this recently appeared genre?

About Children Fashion Photography

Surprisingly, but children fashion photography is not a new genre in the fashion photography industry. These days, children are as serious chic as adults with the growing number of social media pages of children as you will notice. Also modern parents have zero issues with the taste of children’s clothing. Shops and online stores are full of fashionable clothes that make children look quite modern and fascinating. Almost all modern parents try to follow all trends with their children. And modern clothing market has already understood this drift and engages children into fashion advertisements. That is the how this genre is growing a great demand in industry.

The majority of children fashion photography has been made due to the work of fashion designers. Modern world creates fortunate and pleasing conditions for creating clothing collections not only for adults, but for kids too. They know that a lot of fashion models, who have kids now, are not eager to give up the current trend and they try to engage their children in it. The most fastest mode to buy clothing is on online stores, but the only difficulty with online stores is that we only have access to images and nothing else. Believe us that it is easier to choose clothes with images of children models rather than with adult models. And here again we come to a great demand of kids fashion photography.

Before learning about children fashion industry, let us learn out what does it mean to be involved in fashion industry. What is it and what mystery does it hold? So, fashion photography as a special genre of photography entered the market in the 90’s. At this time, this genre manages to win a great part of the market due to a unvarying interest of customers. From the start of 20’s fashion photos began to beat graphics in printing editions of that time. And at the same time, the idea of a fashion photojournalist made an appearance in industry, and since then they work together like a pair that cannot be divided. Hence now there are very less advertisement without photos done in fashion style.

Fashion Photography of present days majorly means images of clothes and accessories of different fashion houses, capturing images during fashion week shows and much more. Due to a huge mixture of required pictures, adult fashion photographs cannot fulfill the whole market needs. And that is how children fashion photography is highly competitive now.

For sure, the demand of fashion images has changed over years and is still changing. A lot of things has changed, and today the picture shot by the photographer is of bigger value than just capturing particular details such as clothes, hairstyle, accessories and make-up.

Tips to shoot Children Fashion Photography

  1. Have Patience

    When capturing children you need to be highly patient. This is because that sometimes you may get a amazing bunch of images and sometimes you will get nothing for a while. This is because of the different behavior of the child and this might cause an break in your photography session. So, this is the basic rule that you need to follow while capturing images of children. Don’t hurry up or force them to do a pose, just hang out with chill mind, play and talk with them and finally, they will make an effort to pose for your camera.

  2. Let the children run the show

    It’s true that you won’t be able to run each and every facet of the shoot according to yourself so why not let the child to run the whole show? This will be easy and work on it with positive impacts.

    For this, follow these tips:

  • Don’t try to command the child, it can spoil the whole shoot.

  • Don’t feel that the whole shoot is unsuccessful if the child is not doing what you want. Keep on trying different ideas and concepts.

  • Don’t be rude to the child. They will be smiling naturally for your session only if they are happy. You have to keep them homely and also, let them know that the camera is their friend.

  • Talk with them about their favourites and keep them energetic.

  • Let the session go with the flow. Shoot every moment that a jolly child is doing.

  • Be alert to capture every facial expression of the child.

  • Have fun with the child and you will be able to shoot the best moments.

  1. Take a lot of images

    The facial expression of children changes in seconds which can result in loosing a good moment to capture. Hence, try to be fast, speedy and capture bunch of images in the same pose. If you have two or more children to capture in a frame, pay close attention to each kid and make sure while capturing bunch of photographs, so that you get everyone’s expression proper. You can always choose your best photographs from the bunch afterwards.

  2. Shoot from their perspective

    When you capture little children images, you should not capture it normally from an adult perspective. This makes them look tiny in photographs. Getting low to their eye level so you can equalise the perspective and shoot. With that, enter their zone where they are playing instead of standing far from them. Crawl and play with the child to keep them happy. Note that you should also keep your camera safe in such scenarios to prevent it from any damages.

  1. Focus on Focus

    When you are composing subjects that are in motion, it requires the perfect settings, training, and tests. All the cameras have various Focus Modes, so to learn this properly, read your manual once and practice it on daily basis to learn it properly. Choose the setting in your camera for tracking the focus of moving subject. That means the camera will not lock the focus when you click the shutter halfway. What it does is that it only tracks the selected moving object in the frame. Now at next step, if you press the shutter more down and keep on focusing a moving object, then the camera tracks the speed and try to focus the object so that when you click the shutter full down, then the camera will capture a sharp picture. It is difficult to exactly explain that what is the perfect option to capture is, this is because there are various camera brands and different models and each one of them is different with its features.

  2. Burst Mode

    It is important to capture in burst or high-speed continuous mode so as to take bunch of photographs and not miss any moment. After you set your focus then all you have to do is click the shutter to its end and then hold it for sometime. This lets the camera to capture bunch of pictures. Many DSLR or mirrorless cameras have the property of burst or high-speed continuous mode but it may be different in the frames per second rate they are capable of shooting.

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