Canon Announces New Firmware Updates For Cinema EOS Cameras, EF- EOS R 0.71x Adapter and Compact-Servo Lenses

Canon recently announced the launch of new firmware updates for three Cinema EOS Cameras, EF – EOS R 0.71x adapter and two Cinema lenses. The EOS C500 Mark II, EOS C300 Mark III, EOS C70 cameras, EF – EOS R 0.71x adapter for the EOS C70 and Canon Compact Servo lenses will receive highly requested updates with the new firmware arriving in the coming July.

EOS C500 Mark II and EOS C300 Mark III feature updates

Both the EOS C500 Mark II and EOS C300 Mark III will receive updates that will optimize on-set workflow and overall usability. To further enhance monitoring and external recording flexibility, the 12G-SDI output will support FullHD and 2K resolutions with the new update. Simultaneous MON.Out and HDMI outputs will also be supported, allowing for increased video outputs on set. Canon’s new “XC Protocol” that supports remote camera control usage with Canon’s RC-IP100 controller will also be added. 1.8x Anamorphic de-squeeze option will also be added to existing ratios, increasing support for Anamorphic lenses.

EOS C500 Mark II New Anamorphic Recording Modes

In addition, the C500 Mark II will gain two additional Anamorphic recording resolutions: 4192 x 3140 (4:3) and 3768 x 3140 (6:5). These resolutions will be available during Full Frame Sensor Mode in Cinema RAW light recording, broadening its abilities for 4K anamorphic recordings.

EOS C70 firmware update

The recently launched EOS C70 will also receive feature improvements in response to user feedback. The HDMI Out will be updated to support View Assistance for external monitoring. Seven EF lenses will also receive full Dual Pixel CMOS AF and metadata support when used with the EF – EOS R 0.71x adapter. This update will also allow users to turn off the AF Frame when the adapter is used and the camera is not in AF mode. Lastly, a 2x option is added to Magnification, allowing for flexibility during frame magnification.

EF- EOS R 0.71x Adapter updated with support for Seven Additional EF lenses

Accompanying the EOS C70’s update is the new firmware for the EF – EOS R 0.71x adapter. This new update will add support for seven new EF lenses. New models supported are:

EF16-35mm F4L IS USM

EF16-35mm F2.8L II USM

EF24-105mm F4L USM

EF70-200mm F2.8L IS II USM

EF70-200mm F2.8L IS III USM

EF70-200mm F4L IS USM

EF70-200mm F4L IS II USM

The firmware updates allow the camera to recognize and support the new seven lenses fully. This includes accurate conversion of F-number values, metadata, Auto Exposure and Auto Iris functions as well as Dual Pixel CMOS AF operation across large areas of the frame. Lastly, the firmware also allows for peripheral illumination correction function to be utilized.

CN-E18-80mm T4.4L IS KAS S and CN-E70-200mm T4.4L IS KAS S support for EOS R5

Rounding up the firmware updates will be a new firmware to improve usability on the CN-E18-80mm T4.4L IS KAS S and CN-E70-200mm T4.4L IS KAS S compact servo lenses. The new firmware update will allow both lenses to communicate with Canon’s EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera, a combination that has been widely requested by many users. This will result in functions such as metadata, optical correction, autofocus, auto exposure and image stabilisation functions being supported, allowing the capabilities of the lens to be used with the EOS R5. All firmware updates except for CN-E18-80mm T4.4L IS KAS S and CN-E70-200 T4.4L IS KAS S are expected to be available in July.