New Photography Genres to Try your Hands on

The world of photography has gone through a lot evolution. From those heavy cameras and lenses to a simple 180 g device in your hand, the technology around photography changed drastically. Likewise with each new device, came new features that improved the art of photography; offering more options to be creative. Hence different forms of photography came out and a lot of new genres came to light.

So what does it mean to be a photographer in 2021? Few years back, photography was only limited to people who could afford to buy those expensive cameras and lenses. But now, almost everybody has equipped themselves with good smartphones, which have a pretty nice camera. And the technology has grown in such a way that it doesn’t require much effort to capture decent images of anything around you.

With social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook being flooded with artistic photos from regular people, it has become really challenging and tough for the professionals out there. They have to think more creatively and work beyond the normal and capture photographs which are different and commercially successful. This gave a lot of photographers to do something new and creative and their work received huge demand commercially too.

In this article we have talked about a few trends that we think are breaking the bond of the industry and are quite offbeat in their approach.

Underwater Wedding Photography

Photography is an important part of the wedding planning process. And with the advent of social media, couples and their families are leaning more towards conceptual photography to make their special day even more special. This has led to the birth of various quirky wedding photography trends and one which has recently picked momentum is underwater wedding photography.

Underwater wedding photography is the latest trend that puts the pair in some different settings to photograph their beautiful moments. Couples nowadays are really bored with those common simple poses with just married props, standing in a beautiful location. They want to take it a step further and experiment with such new trends.

Birth Photography

The rise of birth photography has been wanted by many out there, including the huge number of professional photographers who are super keen to photograph as many births as they can. It is a very tough form of photography as you are in a very sensitive environment and your mere presence can be a source of discomfort to your subject. There is nothing quite like birth photography. According to a lot of birth photographers, it is an emotion-filled, once in a lifetime chance to witness a miracle. You need to be prepared with your gear for this kind of photography and you need to manage the light of the surrounding for good shots. The operation theatres mostly have low lighting and you need to be ready for that.

Travel Photography

Cameras are getting more compact and travel friendly each day. The camera has shifted from being a luggage to an essential and hence this form of photography has boomed. Now travellers who seek beautiful scenic location to explore can share their experience with others. Social media, especially Instagram, has given this style of photography the required medium and it has picked up since. You can now spot your friends or a neighbour venturing into this form of photography as all you need is your smartphone and an internet connection. Travel photography is different for different people. Some like to photograph monuments, whereas others like to capture beautiful landscapes. However, the common element that stays is that we photographers go to a foreign or unfamiliar places and capture them. They capture the beauty of the places, and also the essence of the culture of that particular place.

Deadpan Photography

Deadpan photography, well known in the 50s, has made a major rebound and is returning to a reality based photography style. This style of photography is unmistakably impacting clients around the globe.

So what is Deadpan Photography? The portrayal of things or emotions as it is. Today’s world is world full of filters and post-processing, what deadpan photography aspires to do is to give the raw and unaltered version of the subject, whatsoever it may be (even commercial products). As social media has become an integral part of our life, people have started sharing pictures and the reviews of the product that they purchased. Instead of applying filters to glorify these products, people are now sharing images to show items and products as they are. Following the trend, even big corporates are trying to shift towards deadpan photography to build trust with their consumers. Recently Domino’s has taken this style up and they post unedited real pictures of their pizzas on Instagram

Infrared Photography

Although this genre was used before for defence purposes, infrared photography has now become really notable for professional photographers and has taken to the mainstream pop culture. You can easily find infrared photography websites and Instagram accounts displaying colourful psychedelic images. Infrared images looks similar to painting like effect and photographers are already bringing out extraordinary images from this idea. Earlier artist like Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa used infrared images for their album covers for a more intellectual and darker touch. Now infrared has entered into other genres too like portraits, landscapes, etc. It is not used for just the psychedelic looks anymore. It has become a big part of serious photography as well.

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