Nikon launches its best ever vlogging camera, Nikon Z30

Nikon India has recently unveiled a lightweight and portable mirrorless camera aimed at content makers and video bloggers. Nikon Z30 is an APS-C/DX-format mirrorless camera that increases the company’s Z series collection.

According to the company, the new Nikon Z30 was designed with artists in mind and features a simpler design that includes improved button positioning, an easy-to-use UI, dedicated focus keys, a lengthy video recording duration, and more. The camera also has a built-in microphone, a movie record indicator light, an auto transition to self-portrait mode, and 4K UHD resolution recording.

The Nikon Z30 has a 20.9MP sensor and is powered by the company’s Expeed processor. According to the firm, the Z30 is a video camera capable of recording up to 125 minutes of footage. Aside from that, the camera can collect photos at a rate of up to 11 frames per second. Other camera capabilities include eye-detection AF, continuous AF, and a variety of focusing settings such as Single Autofocus (AF-S), Continuous Autofocus (AF-C), and Manual Focus. Along with that, the camera has animal-detection AF, which recognises the eyes of pets for focused framing in both video and stills. The camera’s highest ISO sensitivity for movies is 25600 and for still photos it is 51200. The Z 30 has a 7.5cm touch-sensitive vari-angle display and can record up to 4K resolution movies.