OnePlus 10T vs OnePlus 10 Pro Camera Test

So the OnePlus 10T is now available on shelves all across the world. Unlike the 10 series, which has at least two variants in the worldwide market, this gadget stands alone and has the standard characteristics of flagship killers. So you get maximum performance with a few concessions on the display and cameras to get a competitive pricing. OnePlus previously produced a top-tier premium flagship device, the OnePlus 10 Pro. Given its age, the new 10T offers a few improvements over its predecessor, but the Pro model continues to be a top-tier flagship. OnePlus 10T and OnePlus 10 Pro pricing starts at 50k and 62k respectively. But when it comes to their cameras there is a different ideology that each of them follows. So in this article we will help you with which one should you choose and which has the best camera overall?