Nikon Enhances Nikon Z9 Camera with Firmware Version 4.00, Introducing Auto Capture and Improved Features

Nikon India has unveiled the latest firmware version 4.00 for its flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z9. This significant upgrade marks the third major firmware update since the camera’s release and brings a range of new features and improvements for both still and video shooting.

One of the key additions in firmware version 4.00 is the Auto Capture function, which allows users to automate their shooting process. By setting predefined criteria, such as detecting specific motions, subjects within a certain distance, or identifying people, animals, or vehicles within the frame, the camera can automatically trigger still image or video recording. This feature provides photographers and videographers with increased flexibility, especially in scenarios where automation is required or when the camera needs to be placed in inaccessible locations for extended periods.

The firmware update also enhances video recording capabilities. For N-Log recording, the minimum ISO sensitivity has been expanded to Lo 2.0, resulting in improved dynamic range and enhanced shadow tones with reduced noise. Furthermore, users now have a broader range of options for Hi-Res Zoom speed, with 11 speed settings instead of the previous three. This allows for more precise control over the zoom speed, enabling users to achieve the desired zoom expression, including smoother and slower zooming effects. Firmware version 4.00 also introduces a Full HD slow-motion video function, enabling high-speed recording with playback rates of 1/4 (4×) or 1/5 (5×) the original frame rate, creating captivating slow-motion effects.

In terms of still-image shooting, the firmware update boosts subject acquisition performance when using 3D-tracking to capture small and fast-moving subjects that may not be easily detected with subject detection alone. Additionally, for improved workflow on location, the buffer capacity during the Pre-Release Capture phase of High-Speed Frame Capture has been extended from 30 to 300 seconds, giving users more time between the half-press and full-press of the shutter-release button. Firmware version 4.00 also introduces an [Exposure delay mode] feature in the Custom Settings menu, which helps reduce camera shake-induced blur by delaying the shutter release after the button is pressed.

Nikon has made several enhancements to the camera’s overall operability and functionality. The number of functions that can be assigned to custom controls has been increased, providing users with more flexibility to personalize their shooting experience. Additionally, the focus distance indicator now displays the approximate distance between the camera and the focus position, aiding manual focus adjustments. Photographers can now choose from five different shutter sounds and adjust the volume level. The new [Frame advance zoom position] option allows users to customize how the camera centres the display when scrolling through pictures during playback zoom, prioritizing the focus point active during shooting. Lastly, the accuracy of the progress bar during video playback has been improved.

With the release of firmware version 4.00 for the Nikon Z9 camera, Nikon continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing users with enhanced functionality and improved shooting experiences. This firmware update empowers photographers and videographers with automation features, expanded video capabilities, refined still-image shooting performance, and a range of usability enhancements. Nikon users can download the firmware update from the official Nikon website and take advantage of the new features to further unleash their creative potential.