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HP introduces New Compact Printer Series for Small Businesses

HP recently unveiled the Colour LaserJet Pro 3000 series, aiming to equip small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with high-quality printing solutions. The series is noted for its compact size, energy-efficient features, and the implementation of HP’s TerraJet toner technology, which promises enhanced colour quality and speed.

The demand for efficient and reliable printing solutions remains strong among SMBs, with many indicating a preference for a combination of digital and physical materials. The Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series is designed to meet this need, offering vibrant colour prints and professional speed in a space-saving design.

Aurelio Maruggi, division president of Office Print Solutions at HP, highlighted the importance of adaptable, high-performance printing solutions in today’s hybrid work environments. The Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series is presented as a solution that supports the dynamic needs of growing businesses, providing cost savings, security, and ease of management.

Key features of the new printer series include Wi-Fi connectivity that ensures consistent online access, class-leading print speeds, high-quality output, and advanced security measures. It also boasts the smallest footprint in its category.

TerraJet toner technology is a cornerstone of the new series, delivering 11% more vivid colours and 18% faster print speeds. It also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing energy consumption by up to 27% and cutting down plastic use in toner cartridges by up to 28%.

HP’s A3 and A4 printer offerings, including the new Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series, have been revamped for the modern office, emphasizing flexibility and consistency across various business scales. The company’s efforts were recently acknowledged with the A4 Line of the Year award from Keypoint Intelligence, reflecting excellence in reliability, value, usability, image quality, and speed.

The Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series is slated for release in May 2024, with availability and pricing details to be announced regionally.