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March 2024 – Celebrating Women Photographers

In the world of photography, we still see a lot fewer women photographers than men, even though a
lot of women study photography. This makes us wonder why, in a time when people are talking a lot
about making things equal for everyone, women still have a hard time being recognized in photography.
Women face challenges in getting their work shown, published, or even getting certain jobs.
Throughout history, there have been some amazing women photographers who have done great work
and changed the industry. But still, women are not as common in photography as men.
Since March is when we celebrate International Women’s Day, we decided to focus on some incredible
women photographers from all over the world in this Asian Photography Magazine issue. We want to
show you their amazing work, talk about what they have added to photography, the challenges they
faced, and how they succeeded. We hope their stories inspire girls and women who love photography.
We also want everyone else to support and recognise the achievements of women in photography.

  • From Baku to Beyond – Rena Effendi
  • Framing Her World – Sanhita Banerjee
  • Framing New Beginnings – Swara Rane
  • Lighting Up Lives – Tania Chatterjee
  • A Lens On New Life – Tarveen Kalsi
  • Photography’s Role in Unveiling the Past Through Archaeology
  • A Guide to Street Portrait Photography
  • The Importance of Colours in Photography
  • OnePlus 12R vs Redmi Note 13 Pro+ Camera Comparison Test
  • OnePlus Buds 3 Review