Apple’s retina display Macbook Pro to enhance resolution for photographers

The MacBook, for a long time, has been known for its affinity with professional photographers for its editor-friendly softwares, as well as its powerful processors. Recently, Macbook got a major facelift with Apple’s integration of the famous Retina Display into its famous Pro series. The notebook features what Apple is calling, the new Retina technology, which provides a resolution of 2880 x 1800, nearly four times of that of a normal screen.

It’s especially handy when it comes to processing photographs, as the resolution is at par with what the camera churns out when shooting in RAW. Special upgrades have been made to RAW image processing softwares like Adobe Photoshop and Apple Aperture (in Mountain Lion), to accommodate the higher resolution, as this is the first time someone has introduced so much resolution in a computer.

Apple also claims that they have reduced the glare on the display by 75 per cent. How accurate that is remains to be seen. Apple has also had to customize a lot of its own applications to keep up with the Retina Display, like iTunes, iPhoto, Facetime, etc.  A lot of third party applications and games, like Diablo III, are also introducing fixes to accommodate Retina. You might have to wait for a little while before all your necessary third party applications are customized.

One problem with the Retina Display is its battery consumption. As the Retina Display takes up considerably more amount of power than the previous model, Apple scrapped off the big hard drive and replaced it with flash memory, to make way for a bigger 95 watt hour battery, compared to the previous, 77.5 watt hour battery. Apple claims that the battery life will not be much different from the previous model, which again, will be seen once it is launched. All in all, even though MacBooks have never really needed much recommendation or advertising, the enthusiastic, tech-savvy Indian consumer will still have to wait for a while to get a hold of that shiny, slim Pro in their hands, as there hasn’t been any official announcement on the date on the launch yet. 

Other Specs

Other than that, the new 15-inch MacBook is also lighter than the previous version. The machine’s aluminum body design weighs about 4.46 pounds, 1.1 pounds lighter than the previous one, and is 0.71 inches thick, which is just about as thick as a MacBook Air. The machine is packed with a heavy, 2.3 GHz quad-core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics with 1GB of video memory, 8GB of 1600 MHz RAM, and 256GB of flash storage.