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Increase the color gamut with new HP Indigo inks

Being a photographer, you know that a photograph is an expression of your vision and skill. You don’t just click a moment, you capture the emotions around it too. As a photography expert, you birth stories and for that, you equip yourself with the best tools available. While your vision helps you capture what’s perfect, the real challenge is to retain that magic while printing. A print produced should be able to do justice to your photographs and make them look vivid and lively, bringing alive all the colorful emotion


Keeping this in mind, HP Indigo has come up with an interesting innovation. HP has introduced new colors, where all the images can be printed in true-to-life colors, which are currently outside of the standard print gamut.

These inks target the trends in the photo industry, where the images have now become immensely powerful and vivid in colors. The reason for this targeting is that these trends have a lot of challenging colors like pink, blue and green which are currently out of gamut. Now HP Indigo has launched two new inks, Vivid Pink and Vivid Green.

The new inks increase the colour gamut dramatically. With it, the prints produced are extremely bright, allowing access to areas that were not available before. These unique profiles keep natural skin tones, as well as provide richer deep colours with improved detail reproduction.

Here’s what professionals in the photos industry have to say about their experience with these inks

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