Best Mirrorless Cameras under Rs.50,000

It is very clear that Mirrorless Cameras are the thing of the future. All manjor manufacturers have not taken the plunge in this technology and this has eliminated the need of heavy camera bodies and lenses to some extent. They are priced almost in similar price brackets as the DSLRs and also the image quality is a good competition with the DSLRs. This month we asked the manufacturers to send us their Best Entry-Level Mirrorless Cameras so we could put them to a head-to-head test in this year’s shootout. The price parameter for the cameras was set between Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 55,000 

In this video we test the best cameras you can buy under Rs.50,000 ($700). The contenders in this line up are the Canon M5, Canon M50, Fujifilm XT100 and the Panasonic G85. We put them to test and see which one should you buy?