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Instax PAL Review

Instant printing cameras offer a unique blend of nostalgia and modern technology, allowing users to capture and print photos instantly. These devices cater to a wide range of consumers, from photography enthusiasts who appreciate the tangible feel of printed photos to younger generations seeking the novelty and immediacy that these cameras provide. The new Instax PAL from Fujifilm is interesting because it’s different from other instant cameras. It costs ₹10,999 but doesn’t print photos by itself. You need to buy a separate printer called the Square link for another ₹15,000. If you want the camera, printer, and 100 films, it’s all ₹22,000 together. The camera is really small and has a 5MP camera inside. This setup makes you wonder if it’s really worth buying because it’s quite expensive and you need to buy extra things to get it to work fully. This review looks into the Instax PAL to see if it’s a good deal. It’s not common for an instant camera to need a separate printer, so we’ll see if this camera is still a good choice despite the extra cost and effort.

The PAL is packaged in a small, strong box that even includes a neat little void spot for the warranty. Setting it up with other devices is quick and easy, usually done in just a few minutes. The black colour option looks sleek and stylish, though it can be a bit hard to read because of this. Despite worries about it getting scratched, it holds up well, although it does attract a lot of fingerprints.

Here are three key points to understand about this device:

  1. It comes with a small 1/5-inch sensor and isn’t protected against weather conditions.
  2. On the top, you’ll find buttons for turning it on/off and selecting modes, and at the bottom we have a Link/Fun button that lets you print photos directly to a printer.
  3. The device can be charged with a USB Type C cable, has a spot for attaching to a tripod, and can use a micro SD card for extra storage. It can also hold 50 photos in its built-in memory. 

The best part about the PAL is how easy it is to use; it’s practically fool proof. For example, when set in Link mode, it prints straight to the printer without any complicated steps. There’s also a Fun mode for other features. The printing process is straightforward – just a simple action.

Fujifilm has made the PAL more enjoyable by adding small, fun details like custom sounds for capturing photos, and when turning the camera on or off. These little additions are aimed at making the camera more appealing to its target audience, and they do add a charming touch. However, there are a few downsides. The remote display on the phone is of very low quality, though the actual printouts look much better. The printer’s charging port can be tricky to open, and because the camera is point-and-shoot, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re capturing. This can lead to wasting film if you print directly without checking.


Fujifilm has made a great app for the Instax PAL camera, making it easy and fast to connect. Unlike other apps that can be complicated and put people off, this one is simple and lets you do a lot, like editing photos and making animations. However, you need to download two different apps – one for the camera and another for the printer, which is a bit inconvenient. It would be better if just one app could handle everything. Even though you can print directly from the camera using a special mode, the process involves switching to the printer app to print. This feature could be fun for events like kids’ birthday parties where you want to make special keepsakes for guests. Just remember, transferring a photo from the camera to your phone takes about 15 seconds, and it can take a while if you’re moving a lot of pictures at once.


But what about the photo quality? With a 1.5 MP sensor, don’t expect stunning images. However, using the camera is quite fun. Watching the photo print and slide out brings a unique joy. The picture quality is decent enough for snapshots of family, vacations, pets, etc., perfect for decorating fridges or desks. It’s unclear, though, how often people will use it, considering the cost of paper and media.

A quick tip: After taking a photo and it starts printing, give it a few minutes to fully develop. The photo might not look great right away, but with a little patience, it will improve. Don’t toss it out too soon thinking it didn’t work.


The Instax PAL, priced at 11k, raises the question: Who would buy this, especially when you can get an action camera that’s also small but does more for a similar price? Considering you need to spend an extra 15k for the printer and cartridge, it seems pricey.

However, for those who already own an Instax printer, the PAL could be a great addition. It’s a small, easy-to-carry camera that lets you print photos on your existing printer, meaning you don’t have to carry a big camera on trips.

It seems like the Instax PAL is more appealing to people who are already part of the Instax world. For newcomers, the total cost might not seem worth it just for the experience. But, it’s hard to ignore that this camera is fun and unique to use.