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OnePlus Watch 2 Review

The latest addition of the OnePlus watch has been launched after a gap of nearly 3 years with a price of Rs. 24,999. At this price point this watch is competing with the likes of Samsung Gen 4 and Fossil’s Gen 6 watches and the likes of others in that category. Now this isn’t really a premium category watch like your Apple and Samsungs watches. And OnePlus knows that, with this they are trying to target a user that is looking for value for money + premium features and also someone who piggybacks on the OnePlus ecosystem. 

Look, Body and Feel

The first thing I notice about the watch is its big dial, a 1.43-inch dial beams out at you with a premium build quality, especially for the price point. And this builds on the IP 68 water resistant rating plus a military grade durability. But while the look is premium the button and rotation dial quality feel average. 

The colour is the flagship green, which can be seen on the OnePlus Pad, OnePlus Open, and the OnePlus 12. But at 80 gms the watch certainly feels heavy on the wrist, may be because of the stainless steel build, in comparison the Apple Watch that I use is about 32 gms. The display can go upto 1000 nits and this now also has an improved resolution of 466×466, which is more than the 454 pixels before. It is bright as daylight and you won’t have an issue viewing this under any conditions.

Dual Chipset

To improve the efficiency of the watch it now runs with a dual chipset, one is the Snapdragon W5 performance chipset that runs Wear OS 4, and the other is the BES 2700 efficiency chipset that runs the RTOS operating system. These run concurrently and in most cases I found it to be running smooth and fast. There is not much lag and the watch is able to handle what you throw at it efficiently. Yes, it isn’t lighting fast as I am use to with the Apple Watch, but full points to OnePlus on this one.

Graphics and Animations

But where I feel the let-down are the graphics. When I use the watch, the graphics, the animation, there just seems something missing in them, I can’t put a finger on it, but something is there. And its even more surprising since it features a 60 hz refresh rate, same as the apple watch which is actually pretty good, but for some reason it does feel that fluid. But the Wear OS 4 runs smooth and feels at home with the back button swipes for android, it’s just so intuitive to just do that. 

Faces & Customisations

One of the interesting things about a smart watch is its faces, and in this case I found the ones in the O Health app to be limited. But you can download upto 80 more faces online, unfortunately that didn’t work for me since under embargo that didn’t seem to fire up. I do have a bone to pick when it comes to customisations as well. I felt those to be limited as compared to what I am use to with other options. But may be in this price segment this could be offering more? 

But the good thing is that with Wear OS 4 now you can get things done easily and also use the google apps on the watch. The watch pairs fast, which is convenient and also will download the apps and access pretty well. But do note that in India specifically Google Pay and Google wallet wont work in India. And also for any iPhone fans, this is not compatible with the iPhones. 

A Battery Powerhouse

One of the biggest things that OnePlus is pushing with this is the battery life. And with its 500 mAh battery, this is truly a battery power house. It allows upto 100 hours of battery and also now offers a power saving mode as well. And what’s interesting, in that mode you can get access to loads of basic functions, which lot of the other watches wont allow you to do. For instance, most smart watches just show the time in the power saving mode. 

But in any case, if the battery also dies then you just need 10 mins to charge your watch. This comes with a 7.5-watt VOOC Charger, which could be better built honestly, but it supports fast charging and is also more than the usual 2.5 watt industry standard.

Health Apps

Now primarily you always use a watch for its heath features and the OnePlus Watch 2 also offers a host of them. And in most cases they work pretty well. Like for instance it accurately detected the bpm and in both the watches I used and that was pretty close. But the metric of calculating steps seemed quiet off. This does feature the new dual frequency for better precision, but there was surely a mismatch in the steps on both my watches. Now I dont know which watch is really giving the accurate step count honestly, but they aren’t the same. They have also enhanced some of the workout modes as well like the badminton mode, which I am looking forward to using it when my injury heals. 


So how do I find the OnePlus Watch 2? Now one of my vices are watches actually, I really love them and I invest in them a lot as well. And for approx. 25k, I think this watch offers a lot and is surely decent. Yes, it isn’t the best at everything it does, but for that you also need to spend a lot more, like the Apple watch, which is nearly 2 times this price. 

The way I look at it is that, this watch isn’t the best at everything, but it actually is consistent at everything, and for the price and the features it offers, I can see it being an appealing buy for users.